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Set up your own Brand Ambassador Program to increase sales and emotional branding for your event with Ticketrunner

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Ticketrunner is the easiest way to set up your own Brand Ambassador Program

Increase reach and sales by allowing your most loyal fans to become ticket sellers. Set up a cool reward structure to show your appreciation for the tickets they sold for you.

Ticketrunner works with your Ticketing Provider and tracks all sales for you.

Engage and communicate with your Ticketrunners to gain valuable insights for your event marketing, strengthen your fans' bond while remaining in total control over you Brand Ambassador Program.

Learn more about the benefits of Brand Ambassador Marketing.

How Ticketrunner works

Don't worry, it's super easy. Ticketrunner integrates with your Ticketing Provider so all you need to do is sign up and...

1 Upload Your Event

Simply copy/paste your Facebook Event and Ticket Link and we'll grab all the relevant info in a split second.

2 Set Rewards

Show your Ticketrunners how much you appreciate them sharing your event by giving them free tickets or other event-related rewards once they sold a certain number of tickets. you can also set a monetary commission to attract influencers and B2B affiliates.

3Invite your Fans to become Ticketrunners

Invite your fans to join your Ambassador Program. Share insights, news and behind the scenes secrets as you keep in touch with them while they are out promoting your event.

4 Let your Ticketrunners take over

Share insights, news and behind the scenes secrets as you keep in touch with them while they are out promoting event.












Increase Sales


Community Manager


Performance based Pricing


Motivation through awesome rewards

Show your Ticketrunners how much you appreciate them by setting up a cool reward scheme. Choose from different categories like tickets, merchandise or experiences. Create different levels to keep you Ticketrunners excited and engaged.

You can choose between recurring rewards (e.g. receive 1 VIP ticket for every 5th ticket sold) and one time rewards (e.g. get backstage access for the first 25 tickets sold). It’s super easy to set up so all you need to do is being creative.

Pay professionals to get the word out

Apart from setting up your own brand ambassador program Ticketrunner also connects you to affiliates. Instead of offering rewards to these influencers, professional online marketers, event guides or agencies they are more interested in money. You can of course set up a commission to your liking. Again no up front costs. You only spend money once you actually made a sale.

Quick tip: Give your artists an incentive to advertise your event on their channels by providing them with their individual Ticketrunner link.

Works like magic

Your time is precious. That’s why Ticketrunner is completely automated. We fetch all relevant event data, create individual landing pages for your event, track all sales and take care of all payments on top of that. This leaves more time for you to focus on producing a great event and keeping in touch with your Ticketrunners instead having to do all the busy work.

Keep in touch with your Ticketrunners

Communication is key. The more your Ticketrunners know about your event, the better their sales will be. That’s why you can easily share infos and content with your Ticketrunners.

Receive honest and highly qualified feedback on line up announcements, discuss pricing or simply share the latest version of your trailer with them. You can communicate with all of them at once or also strike up individual conversations.

We work together with your Ticketing Provider

Ticketrunner integrates with the ticketing provider of your choice. Every ticket sold through your Ticketrunners will be sold though your ticketing provider. Our software tracks every sale and traces it back to the Ticketrunner responsible. Our Tracking works super accurately and allows a 30 day cookie to make sure that every promotional effort is recognized and rewarded even though it wasn’t bought right on the spot.

To infinity and beyond

Increase your reach and sales through your Ticketrunners. Facebook is drastically limiting the organic reach of your event campaigns and always asks for an extra dollar to get your word out. By using your own brand ambassadors not only do you get the word out but you also know exactly how much one sold ticket actually costs you. Depending on your Ticketrunners you can boost your Ticket sales by up to 30%.

Our Event Gurus got your back

Experience shows that Ticketrunners and Event Organizers from time to time need a helping hand. That’s why we introduced Event Gurus to our system. Whenever there arises a question or a problem needs to be solved, simply hit up our Event Gurus from within our app, via email or Facebook and we’ll be happy to solve everything right there and then.

Earn first - pay last

We believe that being charged first and then hoping for the results to be good is a pretty old school approach to marketing. Reason enough for us to turn that model upside down. With Ticketrunner you are only being charged once you actually made a sale through us and earned some money. That goes for the Affiliate commissions, Ticketrunner rewards as well as for our system fee.


"For the first edition of New Horizons Festival we integrated the ambassador program of Ticketrunner. The options of Ticketrunner are very clear and extensive, the system looks really nice. Together with Ticketrunner we amplified our ambassadors and gave them the tools they needed to help promote our event."

Bastiaan Smeenk

Head of Marketing

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No Upfront Costs

Yes, that's right. We'll only charge you something once you've actually sold a ticket and made money yourself. No set up costs. Even if you're using your own ticketing system, we'll integrate it for free.


Rewards Model

Depending on the size of your event, our system fee will be capped at 10% of the ticket price for every tickets sold through one of your ticketrunners.


Affiliate Model

30% of the Affiliate's commission.

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